Wet, Wet, Wet – Wellington School Gets UK’s First Eurocol – LiquidDesign Floor

Manchester Contact Flooring have just laid the UK’s first Eurocol – LiquidDesign floor for Wellington School in Altrincham. Eurocol – LiquidDesign flooring is, as the name suggests, a liquid flooring that offers a seamless finish and totally even coverage. Slip resistance rated, water resistant, hardwearing, and beautifully designed – this fluid floor may just be the future for contract (and home) flooring.

LiquidDesign Flooring

So how does it work? Pretty much how you’d imagine… the existing flooring is ripped up, primed, screeded, and then the LiquidDesign floor is simply poured on, smoothed and finished with a lacquer – leaving an even, seamless floor. It’s not for the amateur fitter either, our boys spent two days getting trained on the intricacies, science and techniques needed to provide a flawless finish.

What makes it so different from other liquid floors? Well…

–      It offers a completely different experience thanks to its permanently flexible properties, natural look & feel and aesthetic qualities.

–      A balanced mix of natural components cork, linseed oil and biopolymer binding agent.

–      Renewable raw materials hence environmental friendly.

And this high tech, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing floor is also available in 32 colours! It offers durability, suitable for multipurpose use, a seamless finish, no cutting loss and, unlike potentially with other conventional floors, no unsightly joins or welding.

Thanks to the team at Eurocol – LiquidDesign for their support with Wellington School and for creating this innovative floor.

If you’d like to know more about Liquid Design floors, then please drop us an email: laid@manchester-flooring.biz